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 P R Ó X I M O S 

E  V  E  N  T  O S 


"Words cannot describe the peaceful and loving energy you receive from Sarah. You will leave from this experience with a greater piece of your true self. Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to us. Love you!"

Unconditional Love and Peace

"I look forward every week to going to my sounds baths and meditation clases with Sarah. Thanks to them I get to disconnect from the world and connect with myself. I feel relaxed and refreshed every time. Love them! ☁️"

Estefania Campuzano
Disconnect & Connect 🧡

"En un par de horas de conocernos resultamos hermanas, familia compartiendo la intimidad del alma de la vida. Sara y Rodrigo gracias por abrir su casa, por compartir incondicionalmente el amor que tienen para dar a nuestra comunidad y planeta. De ellos aprendo cada día cómo crear más conciencia en mi vida. Son una inmensa fuente de conocimiento compartido con puro amor y entrega. Son un perfecto vínculo con todo lo maravilloso que nos sucede y circunda en esta vida. Con ellos vivir y experimentar Paz, Luz , Cerenidad , Armonia , Amor, Pureza del alma es una cuestión de minutos.. Ellos son el perfecto medio para conectar con el Paraíso que cada uno tenemos dentro. Estoy inmensamente agradecida de tenerlos en mi vida💚🌈 Gracias!!"

Paloma Teppa
Conexión con el paraíso interior

"Beautiful experience of expansion and growth. Sarah does an incredible job, she guides you to the deepest part of your being. Thank you, completely recommended :)"

Andrea Molina
Share Love

"Sarah and Rodrigo have the best energy! I have known them for a while and every time I see them I leave their space feeling happy and with such a positive vibe. I love their work and the passion they have for what they do which translates not only into the effort they devote to helping their students but to the beautiful family they have with their daughters. I keep sending the people I love their way so they can also experience the great things Sara and Rodrigo have to offer."

Marcela Rubiano

"Sarah is a force of nature possesed by very powerful positive energy that is contagious. Being in her presence during her sessions has helped me relax and find balance in my every day life. I highly recommend her sessions and welcome her and Rodrigo to Miami Shores. Glad to call these wonderful souls our neighbours."

Enlightened in Miami Shores

"I Feel so blessed and happy to have found this place & this couple that have only encouraged me to be the best version of myself since the first day I met them. The meditations, events, and practices take me to places I forgot about.. it gives me love, energy and focus on what is it that I need to do in my life for my personal growth. I highly recommend all the events they do! if you're looking for a place where you can open up, feel energised and safe, this is the place! THANK YOU 🙏🏼💓"

Alejandra Colmenares
A Safe space for growth 💓

"Sarah has a beautiful way of guiding meditation with ease and simplicity for even first time meditators. She offers an open space that is welcoming and inviting to all. We get to meet our neighbours and share in community. I highly recommend this meditation space. XxMichelle"

Michelle Stone








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