Sarah MacMillan


Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping
Buy what you need, not what you want, and ask friends for things you need to wear once. #consciouseverything including no more emotional shopping!

Where do you shop
Friends Closets, swaps, vintage, Rent The Runway, Fly Boutique, Reformation, Pitusa, The Onikas, Nomad Tribe...

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Patricia Ermecheo


Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

  • Shop conscientiously, if you must buy something new, support designers which utilize sustainable materials and practice a circular economy.
  • Shop strategically, buy fewer items which have greater longevity.
  • Shop timelessly, seek for clothing items that are versatile and  you can re-utilize for multiple occasions.

Where do you shop
If I really need something I shop for second hand first. The Real Real works great for me or simply the local coolest second hand/vintage stores around. For new clothing, I like to shop at Stella McCartney, Reformation or I also love to collaborate with emerging sustainably conscious designers all over the world.

Favorite Hashtags you use

#beosom #upcycledclothing #osomyarns #circulareconomy #circularfashion #closeloop

@osomtex @osombrand

Daniela Felder & Annette Felder


Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping
Family and friends unwanted wardrobes  second hand.

Where do you shop
Vintage and sustainable brands

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Gabriella Smith


Activist. Educate. Disrupt. Change.

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Love what you own. Rewear. Care. Buy new only if you must!

Where do you shop
Vibe Consignment, Alepel, C Madelines, Reformation, Re/Done, Shop Cienaga, Veja, Classic T Shirt Co, Rent The Runway, Armarium, Sigal, Pitusa, The Onikas.  

Favorite Hashtags you use

#theupcycleproject #ethicalcloset #standupforsomething

@TheUpCycleProject @GabriellaSmith

Francesca Belluomini


Adjunct Professor of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry JOHNSON & WALES UNIV.

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

keep it chic or leave it

Where do you shop

My closet first

Favorite Hashtags you use

#luxuryisastateofmind #sustainablechic


Joanis Duran

Creative Director Kalani + Wolf & Director of Operations & Sales of Nomad Tribe

Favorite tip to go #conscious shopping: When thrifting call beforehand to ask what color has an extra 50% off on top of the sale price. Thrift stores want to move as much sold goods versus shipping overseas. So when you arrive, look at the color tag to get the hook-up and don’t become a hoarder thrifting. BUY WHAT YOU NEED!

Where do you shop: Nomad Tribe, Goodwill, Lotus House Thrift, My Girlfriend’s Closet, Clothes Swap Parties, The Green Nomad Bins, Red White & Blue Thrift, The Porverello Thrift, LetGo, OfferUp, Poshmark, GoodKarma, Give Good Works, Revolve Clothing (Tampa), 360 Unlimited (Lakeland),  Tropical Thrift, Fly Boutique

Favorite Hashtag you use: #womenempowerment #veganfashion #upcycle #wearethemakers

@kalaniandwolf +

Carolina Kleinman

Founder & Creative Director of Carolina K

Sustainable lifestyle brand

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Give  your clothes a long life. Pass them onto future generations. Always look for quality over quantity.

Where do you shop

Antique markets, Fly boutique, Mrs. Mandolin, Souks.

Favorite Hashtags you use

#ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #artisanal #handmade #thepresentisfemale


Valeria Hinojosa

Founder of WaterThruSkin, WTS Connect, Liki

Conscious Lifestyle and Travel Influencer & Social Entrepreneur

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Ask yourself if you truly need it, and the impact it has on our planet. Read labels. Shop for stories. Not just products.

Where do you shop

Vintage stores, Reformation, Vibe Miami, Nomad Tribe, and online (sustainable and ethical brands I share on my blog)

Favorite Hashtags you use

#consciouslifestylebaby #addictedtosomethinggood


Alejandra Colmenares

Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Ayah Brands & The Good Kind 

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

One step at a time! Start making small changes rather than changing your whole life. The softer we are with ourselves, the easier it is for habit to become a lifestyle rather than a momentary thing.

Where do you shop

Second-hand shops, local communities & Eco-friendly brands

Favorite Hashtags you use

#Ayahbrands #consciousbrands #thegoodkindofbrands



Danié Gomez-Ortigoza

Journalist & Visual Storyteller

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping: Realize the potential of each piece, and have a good seamstress to help you. Don’t buy basics, look for the extraordinary!

Where do you shop: Closet sales, what comes around goes around, house of findings, Etsy.

Favorite Hashtag you use #journeyofabraid


Colleen Coughlin

Owner, TheFullEdit. Professional Closet Editing and Secondhand Styling

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

think of cost per wear (calculation: how many times will you actually wear an item divided by cost of garment ie: dress for $200 divided by 4 ='s $50/wear)

Where do you shop

All second hand clothes from swaps TFE organizes, The Goodwill, Beacon's Closet (NYC), Clothes Mentor (Buffalo, NY)

Favorite Hashtags you use

#TheFullEdit #StyledSecondHand


Nathalia Orquera

#EVERCONSCIOUS Regenerative changemaker, activist & writer at

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Don’t follow trends and buy versatile quality items that you can use over different seasons, and for special occasions such as prom or a wedding rent your dress.

Where do you shop

I support small independent ethical labels like @arteaganyc @neu.nomads @siizu_official @amourvert @ and I shop at thrift stores.

Favorite Hashtags you use

#everconscious #liveconsciously #livegreen

Valeria Savino

Creative Director and Co-Founder of Nomad Tribe

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Check the labels and the about section of the brands you like.. do your research before buying what you need!

Where do you shop
I love to shop in artisan and craft markets, supporting the makers, new designers and entrepreneurs is a big thing for me. 2nd hand always a good option!!

Favorite Hashtags you use

#BeNomad #NomadTribe

Veronica Pesantes

Co-designer The Onikas and founder Vero Santes

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Ditch Amazon prime and support independent women makers. Stop following trends and own your unique style.

Where do you shop?

The Onikas, local boutiques + hand-me downs

Favorite hashtags you use

#ethicalfashion #summerinonikas #strongertogether #theonikas

@vero_santes @theonikas

Veronica Buitron

Founder & CEO, SUSPIRO

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Learn basic alteration techniques so you can adapt your second-hand treasures to your size or style.

Where do you shop
second-hand shops, artisan market, vintage shops, clothing swaps, ethical fashion brands (Patagonica, Eileen Fisher Renew, Nisolo, Metier, Paqocha)

Favorite Hashtags you use

#slowfashion #artisanmade #shopsmall


Angie Cohen

Founder/Creative Director, DesignLab Miami  and the non-profit DesignLab Give

Designer -Educator - Mentor - Environmental Activist

Favorite tip to go #consciousshopping

Consider vintage and recycled clothing stores and avoid trendy pieces.

Where do you shop

I shop in my closet! #Reinventinstead

Favorite Hashtags you use

#sustainablytaught #thriftflip #transformingthefuture  #sip&sew #redesigningthefuture #designlabgive